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Rosa Kuleshova.......Eyeless Sight

Rosa Kuleshova.
Russian psychic, power......." Dermo Optical Perception"....Eyeless Sight!

Rosa Kuleshova, age 22 ....
1955 - 1978.........

Although Rosa was a unique individual, she was always a somewhat unimportant person in her home town "Nizhni Tagil" in the Urals Mountains. It wasn't until a well know Russian psychiatrist named Dr. Isaac Goldberg published a report documenting accounts of previous experiment's with Rosa in 1968, That people started taking notice, soon afterwards news of her strange ability's began to spread throughout Russia among the scientific community. A short time after the article's publication Rosa was invited to the Biophysics Institute of the Soviet Academy in Moscow where she underwent various experiments to test the extent of her powers. However all of this a attention soon went to her head, and after retuning to her home town she seemed to have some difficulty retuning to her normal life.

Not too long after coming home Rose found herself wanting to return to Moscow for further testing. She soon began making claims that she could not back up. On some occasion's even attempting to cheat, this lead some scientists to question whether or not her ability's where ever genuine to begin with. The next experiments were conducted in a highly controlled environment to ensure that no cheating would take place Rosa's ability's were deemed real after these experiment's. Later during a trip to Moscow in 1964 a reporter for "Life " named Bob Brigham witnessed Rosa's ability's for himself and stated that "She was fully capable of reading the small print on his business cards using only her elbow even though her eyes were completely covered making normal vision impossible." Not long afterwords other Russian psychics were discovered with this same ability's as Rosa or some very similar anyway.

Many of Rosa's family members where blind, and Rose had learned at an early age to read both normal print and braille. In Rosa's mind there was no fine distinction between the two forms of reading.

In an attempt to prove to his colleagues that Rosa's ability's were real Dr. Goldberg had her admitted to the Sverdlov Clinic for Nervous Disorders. At which time Rosa was blindfolded, the blindfold was checked and after confirming that she could not see what was going on the test began. Rosa started by piking a book at random and then raising her right hand and slowly moving it across the pages, she was able to easily read the text out loud. She could do the same with a newspaper. At one point the scientists handed her a photograph Rosa gently felt the picture and said " What a cute little girl with a ribbon in her hair and her face tilted upward!"

It would seem that Rosa was also capable of feeling colors with her hands as well. Stating that the color White felt smooth, Red felt grained and rough, and Blue felt wavy. In an attempt to rule out physical texture the neurologist's decided to test her using colored lights, they began by shinning a red light on a green book changing it's appearance to blue. Rosa correctly stated that the book was blue, then the turned off the red light making the book green again. Rosa still wearing the blindfold was amazed that the book could some how change colors.

Throughout her life Rosa suffered from epilepsy, and even though her brain-wave patters would change well she used her power to this day scientists were never able to find a correlation between her ability's and the epilepsy.

In 1978 Rosa Kuleshova died from a brain tumor.

The reports of Rosa's tests and her success in demonstrating her ability in the editorial office of the Moscow Journal Technika Mologji were reported in The International Journal of Paraphysice Volume. 13 nos. 3, 4...... just prior to her death.

Further Reading......................
The Encyclopedia of Parapsychology and Research.... By Arther S Berger, and Joyce Berger.

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