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Nina Kulagina.... Famous Russian Psychic.

Nina Kulagina....

The photo on the side is of Nina using her powers on video.

Nina Kulagina....Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina.....Nelya Mikhailova.
Born in 1926 lived until 1990
Power,....Telekinesis / Psychokinesis

Nina Kulagina was a Russian psychic, who according to numerous people including well known scientists, news papers and many eyewitness reports, possessed a wide array of seemingly supernatural powers.

Although Nina had many different ability's, she is best known for her (telekinesis/psychokinesis powers )...Telekinesis is the ability to move objects using thought alone,...without having ever made physical contact with the object itself. Nina was filmed demonstrating her powers and the scientist's claimed that her ability's where real. During her childhood Nina grew up in Leningrad.
She was only 14 when the nazis began there attack on the city, it was at this time that Nina along with her brother,sister, and father joined the Russian army. Aside from living with the constant horrors of war the living conditions during the 900 day assault on Leningrad were horrendous. Nina and the other solders had to suffer through constant battle, freezing winter temperatures, small food rations, and on top of all this there city was devastated by continues bombing leaving them without water and electricity.During the war Nina served on the front lines as a radio operator in a T-34 tank.
She would go on to become a senior sergeant in the army, her military career came to an end when she was injured but artillery fire, Luckily she manged to make a full recovery and would go on to get married and have a son.

Nina claims she had always known about her srange ability's.
According to some accounts whenever she met someone ill she was able to discern what ailment they were suffering from, and that she could tell what someone had in there pockets because of an image she would get in her mind. One time when Nina was in a bad mood in her home. She began to walk towards the cabinet, when all of the sudden a cut began to move on its own it then fell to the floor and shattered. Not long after that, other strange things began to happen. Objects began to move by them self, and seemed to be attracted to her. The lights in her apartment would go on and off on there own.
Nina would later discover that when she concentrated, she could control this strange occurrence's. n 1964 Nina suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized, well in the hospital she took up sewing. According to a published report Nina's doctors where stunned when they witnessed her reaching into a basket and pulling out any colour of thread she wanted, without ever looking into the basket. Local paranormal researchers where notified, and the following year after Nina had mad a complete recovery, she took part in numerous experiment's set up by the researchers in order to test the full extent of her powers. According to the tests Nina could indeed see colors with her fingertips as the doctor's had stated the previous year. It was also discovered that she possessed a type of healing ability, she could heal wound on her body just by holding her hand above them. Later when her psychokinesis was tested by Russian scientists the results of those test where so incredible that they made her use a false name. In order to keep her real name secret she was given the name Nelya Mikhailova. However to this day the full results of these tests have never been revealed, and more then likely they never will.
One of the first scientist's to test Nina was a Biologist named Edward Naumov.
Although the details of Edwards test are often sketch at best, According to many accounts his test consisted of spreading numerous matches on a large bench, then he would have Nina approach at which point she would raise her hand over the matches and they would suddenly begin to move to the edge of the bench together and fall to the ground. However this required a lot of concentration her hands would begin to shake, this ability put a lot of strain on her body.
Nina's telekinesis was not an easy feat to preform often times requiring many hours of preparation in order to properly clear her mind of all other thoughts and concentrate on her powers. However Sceptics like to point out the fact that the hours of preparation Nina took could have been used to help fake her powers.
In one of the experiments Nina would be seated at a table and instructed to concentrate on various small objects usually a matchbook loose matches or even a wineglass, and then make them move using her telekinesis.
Fantastic tails of Nina's extraordinaire ability's began to reach the U.S. Through the international wire service.
Later in the spring of 1968 films on Nina demonstrating her ability's, where shown at the First Moscow International Conference on Parapsychology. U.S. scientist's witnessed these films and for a shot time were allowed to meet with and interview some of Russia's other psychics and mediums, afterwords they were aloud to meet with Nina and see her psychokinesis for themselves.
In 1970 a man named William A McGary along with a group of U.S. paranormal investigators researching Russian psychics and mediums described a meeting with Nina in which she was able to move several small objects such as matches, bottle tops, and a wedding ring across a table without ever touching them.
Another one of the U.S. researchers named Gaither Pratt, from the University of Virginia stated that the objects that Nina was able to move all varied in size, shape, weight and material, and that the objects usually moved at a slow steady course, but every now and then the objects would Nina was controlling would move in fits and jerks. According to there accounts there were many measures taken to guaranty Nina was not cheating during the experiments by using any hidden threads or magnets, and all of the filmed experiments seem to prove that no know force could explain how Nina was moving the objects.
Through it is not really known how well Nina was checked before the beginning of the experiments.
A man named Dr. Zdenek Rejdak a Czech scientist with ties to a Prague Military Institute, personally tested Nina and later for some reason or another choose to reporter his findings to a far from scientific paper called Czech Pravda.
His statement is as follows....
"I visited the Kulagina family the evening of February 26, 1968 Mr Blazek, an editor friend was with me, also a physician, Dr. J.S. Zverev, and Dr. Sergeyev. Her husband, an engineer, was also present. Dr. Zverev gave Mrs. Kulagina a very thorough physical examination. Tests with special instruments failed to show any indication whatever of magnets or other concealed objects."
"We checked the table thoroughly and also asked Mrs. Kulagina to frequently change positions at the table. We passed a compass around her body and the chair and table with negative results. I asked her to wash her hands. After concentrating, she turned the compass needle more then ten times, then the entire compass and it's case, a matchbox and some twenty matches at once. I placed a cigarette in front of her. She moved that too, at a glance. I shredded it afterwards and there was nothing inside it. In between each set of tests, she was again physically examined by the doctor."
During one of the filmed experiments conducted by a group of well known physicists , many small non- magnetic objects such as matches and other such objects were placed in a large Plexiglas box. The box was created in order to prevent strings, wires and air from affecting the objects This are some of the methods Nina's sceptics believed she was cheating. But even with the box the objects inside would still movie when Nina concentrated and moved her hands near the box without touching it....During one extraordinary demonstration Nina was filmed levitating a small ping pong ball in mid air for a few seconds. "There may still be a few videos of this demonstration on Youtube unfortunately a lot of the footage is really old and kind of grainy."
According to a well know physicist named Dr. V.F. Shvetz. Nina in addition to being a skilled telekinetic she also possessed an odd ability to make the letter A or O appear on photos she was also able to make an outline of a form she had seen before appear on photos ."This ability is called Thoughtography" Thoughtography is the ability to transfer thoughts onto photographs through intense concentration. Also every once in awhile strange burn marks would suddenly form on Nina's hands there was even some reports that on few occasion's scientist's to there surprise witnessed Nina's cloths unexplainably catch fire. Later on towards the end of her life Nina appeared on television to demonstrate her powers, causing bright red marks to appear on the arm of one of the journalists.
In one of Nina's oddest filmed experiments, the scientist placed a raw egg suspended in a saline solution roughly 2 meters away from were she was seated. Nina was then asked to concentrate on the egg and try to separate the yolk from white she was successful at that task and found that if she concentrated hard enough she could put the two back together again. But by far Nina's most unusual filmed experiment took place in a laboratory in Leningrad on March 19, 1970. At this point the scientists were satisfied with the results of Nina's previous tests on inanimate objects. But they still wanted to see how far Nina's ability's extended and if her powers could have any effect on living organs and tissue. Dr. Sergeyev was one of many scientists in attending when they placed a frog in a saline solution and Nina was asked to use her power to try and stop the frogs heart beat and then start it up again. So she began to focus all of her power on the frogs hart beat at first she mad it beat faster then slower and slower finally stopping it. Nina could also effect a human heart beat as one hostile psychiatrist found out first hand after frighting her.
It would seem that Nina's ability's put a large strain on her body the more she used them, At one point after preforming some of her tests with Dr. Rejdek Nina had almost no pulse and was completely exhausted she could barely move and during that 30 minute session she had lost almost four pounds of bodyweight. Statements made by Dr. Zverev indicated that her heart beat was irregular, her endocrine system was disturbed and she had high blood sugar all indications of stress. On top of those symptom's she would also suffer from pains in her arms and legs , dizziness, lose of taste and lose of coordination.
This continued to progress until one day in the late 1970's Nina almost died from a heart attack, her doctor's suggested that she refrain from using her powers the way she use to however Nina would continue with some of her lab work until her death in 1990. It is widely believed that these continued experiments lead to physical exhaustion and were a major contributing factor in her death Nina was praised by the Soviet Union as a "Hero of Leningrad" for her brave service in World War 2, as well as her dedicated work in the field of psychic research, and helping to try and achieve a better understanding of the Paranormal.
More Info...........
The New Soviet Psychic Discovery....By Henry Gris and William Dick, 1979


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