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Angelique Cottin: The Electric Girl.

Angelique Cottin The Electric Girl.
Power,....Electrokinesis / Psychokinesis.

This story is about a girl named Angelique Cottin and her paranormal power's....

Angelique was a simple peasant girl from Normandy, Who for some reason or another seemed to posses a unique ability that created a strange effect on the people and objects around her. Although this seemingly paranormal phenomena was very similar to what we now associated with (poltergeists activity or possibly psychokinesis). Angelique would later become know as The Electric Girl. Angelique's ability though rare are not uncommon. However she is one of the more well know cases, Because her case was one of the first of a supernatural kind to be studied in a scientific manner.

The strange phenomena that haunted Angelique began at around eight o'clock on the evening of January 15, 1846, in La Perriere, France. Angelique then 14 years old, along with a few other girls were busy weaving silk gloves on a large oak frame, when to there surprise the heavy wooden frame began to move about all on it's own, and though the girls tried they could not keep the frame from moving. Frightened they called the neighbor for help, unfortunately he did not believe the and told the girls to get back to work. So still frightened over what had just happened the girls slowly returned to the frame one by one and it was still until Angelique came close the suddenly it began to move again. The other girls where afraid but Angelique was not frightened by this strange event instead she felt some kind of attraction towards it.

After hearing about what had happened with the frame Angelique parents became worried fearing that there daughter may have been possessed, they sought help from the local Church in order to preform an exorcism. But they refused to do the exorcism instead the priest wanted to see this strange phenomena for himself, after witnessing it he was convinced that this was not demonic possession but rather something physical. he then told her parents to take her to see a medical doctor.

While in the meantime Angelique's ability's where growing worse, when she would try to sit in a was immediately pushed away. At one point with just a touch from Angelique a large 6o pound table floated into the air. if she would try to sleep in a bed, it would rock uncontrollably. It got to the point that the only place she could sleep was an a large rock covered with cork. Every time she would go near a small object it would move away from her in the opposite direction without any apparent physical contact by Angelique. Even a light touch from her hand or apron would make objects and furniture start moving around or even flying across the room, in some instances this would happen even if the object has being held down or sat in at the time. People who where close to Angelique even without touching her would sometimes get an electric shock.

Many times there seemed to be a cold wind blowing when she was around .....this also happens in some hunting's or poltergeist investigations. It is also noted that when her powers where active Angelique's heart rate would increase to at least 120 beats per minute and that she was injured by her involuntary movement's during convolution's she would suffer from well using her power. Whenever this would happen she became frightened and would run away from the scene.

For some reason her ability was weaker when she would stand on a carpet or waxed cloth, but whenever she would stand on bare earth they would be drastically stronger. Also for some strange reason metals were not affected by her powers witch was strange because her powers seemed to be some sort of electricity.

When she was tired her powers would become weaker and some times they would even stop for two or three days at a time and then just suddenly start up again.

Later one of the doctors Angelique had been seeing took her and her parents to Paris, France Where they meet with a large group of scientists at the observatory.

All of the scientists had been appointed to this case be The Academy of Science. After numerous tests they all came to the conclusion that Angelique's strange powers were real. Later a report of there findings where published by the well know physicist Francois Arago, in The Journal des debates on February of 1846.

Arago seemed to believe that Angelique's powers were some kind of strange electromagnetism....

Arago recorded a lot of strange facts about her ability's. One thing he concluded is that for some reason the left side of her body, more specifically her left hand and pelvis seemed to be where most of the repulsive energy originated from and that when she used her powers that side of her body was warmer then the right side and that she suffered from convulsions so badly that when she started to shake, if you were to grab her hand you would begin to shake as well.

Another thing he noted is that her ability's did not happen continuously but rather spontaneous during the day and at there strongest in the evenings between seven and nine o/clock.

Whenever they would place a piece of paper, a pen or any other small object on the table , and Angelique wold move towards it with her left hand the object would go flying off the table as if thrown by a gust of wind without any physical contact.....The table itself would be sent across the room the moment she touched it with her hand, or even by a thread she was holding.`Threw his observation of Angelique ability's Arago was able to confirm what others had witnessed earlier.

That being........that Angelique needed only a slight touch from her body of clothing to move or flip furniture, and that she could not touch an object without it being thrown to the ground or breaking apart.

Most likely Arago came up with his theory about electromagnetism after witnessing Angelique's strange sensitivity to magnets.

If a magnet was hung in a horizontal position the needle would swing rapidly with the movement's of her arm even though she never made physical contact with it, or it would stay still well deviating in the opposite magnetic direction of Angelique.. Whenever she would go towards the north pole of a magnet she would get a very powerful electric shock, while the south pole had no effect of her.

The scientists tested this many times even switching the poles without her knowing and yet Angelique was always able to tell them the north side and the south side based on the different sensations she felt..but even with this strange ability she seemed to have no effect on the needle of a compass even though Arago had expected there to be some kind of reaction.

Even with the violent convolution's and the unpredictable nature of her ability Angelique seemed to be in relatively good health throughout her entire ordeal, it was suggested at one point that the cause of this strange phenomena may have been nervous ailment she was suffering from at the time.

Argo concluded his finding's by saying: ( The case of Angelique Cottin demonstrated: "That, under peculiar, conditions the human organism gives forth a physical power which, without visible instruments, lifts heavy bodies, attracts or repels them, according to the laws of polarity, overturns them and produces the phenomena of sound.

But that was not the end of it after the case study was finished, and against the doctors advice, Angelique's parents being poor and thinking they could turn a profit, began exhibiting her as an attraction to paying visitors. Although by that time the phenomena had probably stopped and she was encouraged to fake what had once been a real ability.

On April 10, 1846 , her strange powers stopped, never to return.

and thous ends the case of Angelique Cottin.....The Electric Girl.

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